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Metadichol improve
liver disease

Metadichol improve liver disease

  • Vitamin D levels are low in most patients with liver diseases
  • The liver has a central role in vitamin D synthesis
  • Metadichol can inhibits the chemokines are known to have important role in liver diseases such as TNF-α, ICAM1, CCL2 and PAI1.
  • Metadichol indeed does work in liver disease patients by normalizing essential liver enzymes ALT, AST and ALP, and GGT.
  • Vitamin D supplementation can help patients with liver diseases.
  • Serum levels of TNF-α is directly related to the severity of hepatic dysfunction in liver Cirrhosis. TNF-α enhances HSC (Hepatic stellate cells) survival leading to enhanced liver fibrosis.
  • Patients with chronic HCV-related hepatitis have higher levels of sICAM-1
  • Increase in sICAM-1 level is a result of HCV activity, which damages both hepatocytes, sinusoidal vessels and endothelial cell.
  • In liver diseases CCL2 and CCR2 levels are high and results in increased inflammation, fibrosis, and steatosis.
  • PAI-1 has a major role in mediating fibrosis during cholestasis.
  • Hepatic steatosis can be blocked by inhibiting PAI-1 activation.
  • Metadichol binding to VDR and inhibition of TNF, ICAM1, CCL2 and PAI-1.

Metadichol vs Dengue

Metadichol vs Dengue

  • Metadichol was seen to improve platelet count in some patients.
  • Dengue patients fully recovered from dengue within a few days of taking Metadichol.
  • Metadichol helped to reverse platelets declining trend, improve platelet & white blood cells to normal level within a few days.
  • Vitamin D deficiency increases the risks for Dengue, vitamin D has direct anti-viral effect against enveloped viruses.
  • The antiviral mechanism of vitamin D may be due to the ability of vitamin D to up regulate the antimicrobial peptides LL-37 (cathelicidin) and human beta-defensin.
  • Metadichol has inhibitory effects against many viruses by displace viruses bound to it and block viral entry into host cells.
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